“Knowing what we know, seeing what we see, there’s no mercy for the Dolphins today. I’ve got my stuff ready to win this match,” declared Patrick Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes knows what we know, sees what we see — all those perfectly placed passes slipping through pass-catchers’ fingertips. His decision-making, normally impeccable, seems occasionally mortal this year

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has even been forced to find virtue in the once unthinkable, like checkdowns and punts. All the greats go through moments like this when stuff just doesn’t work. The methodologies are sound, the processes rebuild confidence, but on game day,

It’s hard to know what we’re witnessing, now that the playoffs are here. Will Mahomes emerge from the morass of this season intact, even altered in a profound way? Or have we already seen the best that this version of the Chiefs can offer