Lindsay Lohan Streches her Legs In Pillow , fan react wow- check.


Lindsay Lohan just dropped a bombshell while being a bombshell. The 35-year-old actress, singer, and new jewelry designer stuck to the most old-school hashtag around today, making it Throwback Thursday for her 8.7 million Instagram followers and knocking them sideways with the leggiest shot she’s shared in quite some time. Lindsay, who went high-end with her photo and tapped into designer clothing with Italian brand Miu Miu, was all pins, all miniskirt, and definitely not throwing out DIY photo vibes. Check it out below.



Scroll for the photo. It comes as Lindsay, currently residing in Dubai, makes headlines for branching out from entertainment and into business, parterning up with London-based Lily Baker Jewels for a collection that’s been receiving quite the press.



Making sure she was the center of attention today, the “Mean Girls” actress uploaded a rare throwback, one showing her all spread out on a red satin pouffe and creating a shadow of herself while in a tan and segmented miniskirt and sky-high heels.



All tight red curls and pale skin, Lohan sent out her legs and her plump pillow-lipped pout, also sporting a satin-effect black sleeveless top, blue dolly heels, and a bra strap as she held a small bag. A caption tagged the former child star back in the U.S. and in Los Angeles, with Lohan writing:



“Throwback Thursday! ? #tbt #thowbackthursday #miumiu
@mertalas @macpiggott @miumiu.” “STUNNING QUEEN” quickly came in, with Lindsay managing to clock herself over 10,000 likes in just 30 minutes. See the photo below!



“The Parent Trap” star, who trapped fans with her cheeky good looks as a child, has been looking back at her career, one that sees her known both for playing a naughty twin in the 1998 flick and a teen in “Mean Girls.”



“I feel like, and I don’t know if this goes for all actors, but once you put a wig on someone, you feel different,” Lindsay said last year. “I feel like people treated me differently when I was Annie, because Annie was so much nicer and Hallie was just kind of like me.” See more photos after the snap!



Lindsay’s jewelry collection, heavily promoted on her Instagram comes with relatively affordable price tags that include around $190 for a necklace, with the actress herself making a statement via the company website.



“This collection is just the beginning of a long partnership with Lily Baker Jewels. Jewelry is a special feeling to receive from someone, no matter what price it is, it’s what the piece stands for and the thought that counts.”



Lindsay is also fresh from throwing it back to another major designer, this year posting a shot with deceased Chanel director Karl Lagerfeld. Scroll for the “bruised legs” photo that sparked concern.


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