Mahomes points the finger at referees it really Annoying and he need to Receive his judgment Immediately

kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is usually the coolest guy on the field. His success often comes down his abiliy to keep composure during the biggest moments.When Mahomes was caught by the cameras screaming on the sideline at the end of the game against the Buffalo Bills after a controversial penalty on WR Kadarius Toney, fans and commentators alike took notice. We’ve seen him complain to the refs before, but this explosive outburst went to a whole new level.

Kansas City’s star man did not hide his feelings about the call. He could be seen clearly berating the refs on the field, and it continued in his postgame interview. His issue was less about the accuracy of the call, but the fact that the unusual penalty of offensive offsides was enforced in such a big moment.

“I mean I saw the picture; he probably is barely offsides,” Mahomes eventually admitted after the game.”But for [the official] to take the game into his hands over a call like that doesn’t affect the play at all – at all. (It) didn’t affect anything.”

He could also be heard on live microphones talking to Bills QB Josh Allen after the loss, calling it “the wildest f—ing call I’ve ever seen.”ony Romo, the former NFL quarterback who provided analysis on CBS during the game, read further into the situation than just the referees. It has been a frustrating season for the Chiefs, and he saw what many fans see: that Mahomes is fed up with his team’s mistakes.

“These receivers can’t get out of the way of hurting the team. Too many times at the end of the game,” Romo said as the cameras showed Mahomes’ sideline behavior. “The frustration for Patrick, who handles it as well as anybody, is growing.”

Romo referenced other incidents, specifically from the Chiefs wide receivers, that have cost them games throughout the season. Drops by Toney and Marquez Valdes-Scantling have ruined perfect Mahomes passes in critical moments, just like Toney’s penalty cost Travis Kelce a historic highlight on Sunday.