harry and meghan


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly treading a dangerous line that may end up torching their dreams for a US life before it even begins and it all lies in the possibility of them losing a crucial alliance.



This claim has been brought forward by royal commentator and expert Angela Mollardal.



During her interview on The Morning Show she addressed the dwindling relations between the Obamas and the Sussex’s and referenced the 60th birthday snub a a possible indicator.



She was quoted saying, “The reason [for not being invited to Obama’s 60th] is they may have had a falling out.”



“There is a lot of speculation that they are not the great mates that they thought they were. Obviously, anytime you invite Meghan and Harry to something it becomes problematic.”


“Often all the attention is on them, that being said, they are old friends. We don’t know what has been happening behind the scenes.”



Meghan Markle’s projects to ‘go down badly’ after ‘betrayal’: report

Experts believe Meghan Markle’s new US projects are ‘going down’ badly in the eyes of the public due to their monumental betrayal.



This claim has been made by royal biographer Duncan Larcombe. During his interview with True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, he was quoted saying, “It’s great, she’s doing that, she’s just had a baby, and it’s all about Meghan, and it’s all rubbish frankly. It’s gone down so badly in this country.”



“She has left behind her a trail of devastation, on the Markle side, and now on the Windsor side. don’t want to see her lecturing young mums having to go back to work from inside her $11million LA mansion.”



“This initiative is nonsense, she should be spending her time trying to build bridges with the very people that she and Harry have betrayed. That’s what I think most people in this country believe”


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