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Meghan Markle recently got put on blast for allegedly trying to ‘lecture and patronize women’ in the working class.



The claim has been brought forward by the Daily Star’s columnist Dawn Neesom.

During her interview with Kevin O’Sullivan on talkRADIO, she was quoted saying, “Once upon a time there was a gorgeous princess who was living in this mansion in California who decided she was going to be a fairy and patronise and lecture ordinary working women.”


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“I have never heard so much guff in my entire life. I would love Meghan just to once genuinely use her position to help women.”



“She has 40 of her best friends, like Clinton, and Adele and Princess Eugenie to spend 40 minutes of their precious time – and let’s face it, most of them are unemployed – to lecture ordinary women, on how to get themselves back into the workplace.”


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Experts believe Queen Elizabeth may end up rushing in to protect Prince Andrew because of her duty as a guardian of the monarchy.


This news has been brought forward by a leading expert on the income of the House of Windsor and author of The Queen’s True Worth, David McClure.



He told Express, “The Duchy of Lancaster has been doing very well and is something of a cash cow for the Queen, and the Royal Family has for a long time shown itself to be adept at keeping hold of its private wealth.




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