Michael Cole said the couple’s “unthinkable” actions mean Harry’s latest olive branch to King Charles will not unify the household.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must “eat humble pie” if they are to ever reconciliate with the royal establishment, according to a commentator.Michael Cole said the couple’s “unthinkable” actions mean Harry’s latest olive branch to King Charles will not unify the household
Duke and Duchess of Sussex were initially reported to have been invited to the party by The Sunday Times.

Speaking on the prospect of Harry and Charles ever rekindling their relationship, Cole said: “never say never”.“At the end of the day, it’s a family. They will come together”, he addedAt the moment, things are too raw and it’ll be too difficult. In particular his relationship with William, that is a great shame.

“One of the worst things you can see is two brothers fighting. Their mother, Diana, would be mortified to see them at loggerheads.“I’m quite sure that the King would welcome a call from his younger son and perhaps that will happen. I would like to think there will be reconciliation.“There is a lot of fence mending needed and humble pie needs to be eaten by the California Two.“What they’ve done is unthinkable. What men do not like is to have their wives insulted.”

Cole spoke in reference to the books and documentaries put out by the couple criticising the royal household.Harry’s memoir, Spare, saw the Duke hit out at figures such as Queen Camilla, who she accused of sacrificing him on her own “personal PR altar”.Despite the Sunday Times’ claim, a spokesperson for the couple said no contact had been made in regards to His Majesty’s birthday.

They said: “In response to UK media headlines, there has been no contact regarding an invitation to His Majesty’s upcoming birthday.“It is disappointing the Sunday Times has misreported this story.”Sources at the BBC suggest the Duke of Sussex intends to wish his father a happy birthday, despite not being in attendance at his private party.monarch marked the occasion by hosting a reception for NHS nurses and midwives.