mock mock Time .,Jason and Travis Kelce mock the Kansas City Chiefs star’s old and hilarious tweets

both Travis and Jason Kelce seem to be having quite a bit of fun on their ‘New Heights’ podcast, where they have found a place in which they can be themselves and enjoy a good conversation with each other. There is always the constant banter aspect when they are midway through an episode and the most recent one was no exception.

The two brothers decided to take a look at some old tweets from Travis that are currently going viral, but it’ snothing to worry about. Given that he used the platform that used to be called Twitter as a diary, there were many moments when the Kansas City Chiefs TE made some grammatical mistakes that involved wrong spelling. One word in particular, he seemingly didn’t know how to

n the full podcast episode, you can go to the 17-minute mark and start from there but there is some NSFW language that may not be apt for children to listen. The words Travis Kelce always had a rough time spelling is squirrel, which he always wrote as squirle. Jason Kelce was the one who started the conversation, he revealed that the tweets between 2009 and 2017 are currently under the microscope.

Travis made it clear he was just writing every little thing that happened to him and gave his followers a lot of context. During the same conversation, Jason Kelce came up with an interesting theory that does make a lot of sense once you stop for a second to think about it

According to Jason Kelce, everything that is currently being documented on this ‘New Heights’ podcast will garner the same reaction from both brother than the old tweets from Travis. Currently, none of them care about the perception from the public of everything they say on this space. However, you never really know how your future self will feel about what your past self says in a public setting. Right now,

the Kelcebrothers are killing it with their podcast but this perception may change in the future. Meanwhile, let’s all keep enjoying these brotherly conversations from the two most famous siblings in the NFL.