My prediction has finally come true. Years before dating Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift foresaw in 2009 that she would be with a partner characterized by “passion and ambition,” mentioning that they would fly back and forth to witness each other shine.

Perhaps Taylor Swift does belong with Travis Kelce forevermore.Swifties uncovered one of the singer’s old interviews that shows she has long been looking for a romance that seems eerily similar to the one she now has with the Kansas City Chiefs player.When asked if she’d need to date someone who is at “a similar level of success,” Taylor told Glamour in 2009 that “it’s more a question of confidence.”

 wouldn’t want to be with a pushover who would let me make all the plans and have all the control,” the then-19-year-old confessed. “It’s really natural for me to go into planning mode, but I’d rather be with someone who has his own voice and passion and ambition.”

When envisioning what a relationship would look like for her, Taylor explained it’s “always going to be long-distance” for her because of her jet-setting career.”I’ll by flying to see him and flying him places to see me,” she shared. “It feels like it would involve more scheduling, and I already deal with a lot of scheduling in my life. Of course, if I met somebody who was worth it, I would probably stop thinking that way!”

It certainly seems she’s found that with Travis, considering she’s flown out to Kansas City, Mo. as well as New York and Boston, to see him play in multiple NFL games over the past three months. He, too, has made the trek to see her perform in stadiums of her own, flying to Argentina in November to watch her Eras Tour show.

That’s why fans believe Travis may be end game for Taylor, with one social media user noting that the Grammy winner’s past wish seems to be “100% applicable” now. Meanwhile, another fan pointed out that it’s “another string” connecting the couple.And this time, Taylor isn’t shying away from enjoying every last kiss and public outing with her lover.

When you say a relationship is public, that means I’m going to see him do what he loves, we’re showing up for each other, other people are there and we don’t care,” the 34-year-old told TIME in December. “The opposite of that is you have to go to an extreme amount of effort to make sure no one knows that you’re seeing someone. And we’re just proud of each other.

Long before Taylor Swift’s attendance at the Kansas City Chief’s Sept. 24 game became one of the definitive pop culture moments of the year, Travis Kelce was an admirer of the Grammy winner.The star tight end’s interest in Taylor was first revealed by one of his teammates in a TikTok video posted by the Chiefs in August (which, in hindsight, was when the pair were secretly dating).

Before Travis could answer the prompt of who his celebrity crush was, wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling spilled, “Taylor Swift!”Travis smiled at the camera before holding his finger up to his moustache, saying, “Alright now!”Plus, Travis was just one of many celebs to attend Taylor’s record-breaking Eras Tour this summer. But more on that enchanting moment in a bit…