My Wife Also Put BREAST MILK on My face to healed sunburn -and her Breast it sweet and Taste Good Says by Patrick mahomes

Brittany mahomes has left her fans stunned after claiming her breast milk helped heal her sunburn.brittany, who gave birth to her second son in August, recently took to TikTok to detail her unusual hack.She dabbed the breast milk on her undereye, which had been left scorched by the sun, before revealing that ‘it worked’ to soothe the area.
But it seems that some of her 1.6 million followers were unsure about her unique remedy.

 the clip, which has so far been viewed more than 47,000 times, brittany can be seen dressed down in a black crop top and matching pants.The mom-of-two, who stepped away from the sporting limelight last summer, speaks directly to camera from her home in Los Angeles.

She begins: ‘So I completely got burned under my eye – don’t ask…’I have sensitive skin. I was in the sun. Long story. Anyway, I’m trying some breast milk.’It works for my kid. They say put breast milk on everything and I have a lot of extra so I’m going to try it for a week or so under my eye and see how it goes.’

The athlete then dabbed the area beneath her eyes and immediately exclaimed: ‘I mean it already feels better because it hurts.’She promised to keep her fans updated before adding in the caption: ‘Ok is this totally weird???

‘I have to say after a week of using MY breast milk under my eye – it worked! I’m dying to hear your thoughts. Be nice lol,And other social media users were left with mixed reactions as one wrote: ‘Serena, I love you so much but TMI…’Another added: ‘I’m so sorry. I’ve never heard this, genius! I always use honey for burns.’And a third said: ‘I was today years old. Didn’t know.’brittany welcomed second son in August.


The couple, who first met in Rome in 2015, already share five-year-old stayling.Research appears to corroborate brittanys claims with previous studies finding that breast milk not only provides newborns with complete nutrition but also ‘has natural antibacterial properties.’As a result, ‘it can be used to treat a range of skin problems, including cuts and scrapes,’ according to a 2019 paper titled Milk Therapy: Unexpected Uses for Human Breast Milk.