My wife always there for me , Even on worst day of my life she promised to be there for me through Thick and thin , l owe her Alot Says By Kansas city Legend Patrick mahomes

After Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes struggled in the first half of the Chiefs 26-10 win against the New England Patriots, he put together an average game by his standards in the second half. But it was still better than your favorite quarterback’s best day.

It’s not often that Kansas City’s prodigal son is off his game. It’s a reminder that he is human but as the saying goes, “your team with Patrick Mahomes not playing well, is better than your team not having Patrick Mahomes.”

I talk about this and much more with Arrowhead Report’s Jordan Foote on today’s episode of Roughing the Kicker where we recap the Chiefs’ less than stellar win.When the game was over and I looked at Mahomes’ final line for the game I was surprised. His 236 passing yards, 65.5 completion percentage, two touchdown, no interception stat line made me raise an eyebrow and let out an audible “huh!”

Gone are the days of Elvis Grbac and Brodie Croyle. Forgotten are the plays of Damon Huard and Brady Quinn. Expectations went from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs.

I’m glad this is where the Chiefs are but it’s important to put Mahomes numbers in perspective and appreciate what they have. It wasn’t long ago that a 236 yard, two-touchdown game would’ve been a highlight for a Chiefs quarterback.

Just remember when the Chiefs are winning by, say, 16 but Mahomes hasn’t played his best, his worse day is better than a lot of quarterback’s best days.