NFL Fans React to Mahomes’ hand gesture – Some said he belong to cultist group, but some think they know the reason for the signal

But the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has also gained massive attention for his habit of constantly wiggling his fingers between plays.During the Chiefs’ victory over the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, social media was ablaze with comments about Mahomes’ hand gestures

“Why does Mahomes always twitch those two fingers?” one fan said on X, formerly known as Twitter.”Someone cut off Mahomes weird tickle fingers. Wtf is that,” another said.”Can someone explain the Patrick Mahomes finger flicking after each play. Idk why but it’s the most annoying thing I’ve see on my tv screen today,” a third said.

Patrick Mahomes fingers thing makes my blood run cold,” a fourth fan added.According to one report, it is a signal by Mahomes to his teammates to get them to hurry up with the next snap.”Think it’s his way to tell everyone to huddle up,” one fan agreed.

“It’s his ‘huddle up’ hand motion I can’t stand it lol,” another said.He telling the coach to send the play in his helmet got a headset in it,” a third fan commented.But other NFL fans had jokes about the meaning of the finger wiggle.”Calling the waiter over,” one said.”Mahomes is definitely doing morse code with his fingers,” another added.The NFL superstar was cheered on by his wife Brittany and daughter Sterling Skye on Sunday.

Brittany posed with the two-year-old for adorable photos by the sideline, sporting a blue jacket with Mahomes’ No. 15 on the back and a pair of matching Nike Air Maxes.One of the pictures showed Sterling lovingly welcoming the Chiefs quarterback as he ran off the field to see his family.