“No one can be more supportive of Chris Jones than his teammates, and especially their head coach, Andy Reid. The DT managed to squeeze in $1.25 million today.”

No one can be more supportive of Chris Jones than his teammates and especially their head coach Andy Reid. The DT managed to squeeze in $1.25 million today in incentives after he completed the 10 sack of the season. For a brief moment, the SoFi stadium experienced nothing but pure joy for Jones. Surprisingly, though, initially, the Chiefs were not sure whether to let Jones play today or not

The Kansas City Chiefs barely managed to reel in a win against the Los Angeles Chargers with a final score of 13-12. Head Coach Andy Reid came forth in a presser after the critical win and addressed the media about today’s game. Safe to say that the DT made a “couple of cheeseburgers” today. Reid couldn’t be happier for Chris Jones

Coach Reid started by declaring the injuries that the Chiefs sustained today. Soon, the conversation moved toward Chris Jones getting his big break. Coach Reid was asked about the $1.25 Million sack that the DT made today and what he thought about Jones’ reaction to the same. Reid mentioned how the response of the players was enough to explain the sentiments.

Jones was seen running around the field like a little child while his teammates followed him around giving him pats, hoots and praises. The coach said how the sack meant a “bunch” to Jones and the team as a whole. Addressing Jones’ incentive, the Coach mentioned, “That’s a couple of cheeseburgers right there that he made.”

Furthermore, the experienced coach did not fail to acknowledge that “he [Chris Jones] really played a good game.” Acknowledging the “neat” team spirit of the squad, Reid said, “Not only to him but to the guys, they were all onboard pulling for him. And that is kind of the neat thing about that.”