Paige Spiranac Has Come Out Again, This Time to Flaunt Her Appreciation for Sports Besides Golf

paige spiranac

The sports world is filled with athletes who have an immense amount of respect for each other. This respect and love are not confined to just people but also to other kinds of sports. Similarly, Paige Spiranac has come out again, this time to flaunt her appreciation for sports besides golf.

The golfer-turned-influencer, although mostly recognized for her contribution to the game of golf, also has immense knowledge about various other sports, like football, baseball, and tennis. And her recent picture, where she’s engaging in tennis activities like a true fan, stunned both the golf and tennis worlds as the diva’s post blew up!

The golfing influencer has amassed a wide fan following through her lessons, offering tips and knowledge about the game of golf. But right now, it seems as if she is looking to catch the hearts of tennis enthusiasts, as she was recently seen enjoying the game as she took to Twitter to upload a photo of the same. Her picture shows her in a beautiful but bold green dress as she poses in the stands of a tennis stadium.

Spiranac has just shared the picture with a small caption, “Tennis time,“ followed by two tennis ball emojis, without revealing any more information about the match. But well, don’t you think it is time to put on our detective hats to find out more about the match? Although Piage did not mention which tennis match she was attending, the obvious deduction would be the famous US Open that is currently taking place.

Moreover, her picture gives us a glimpse of the background, which showcases the stands of Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. But if one were to talk about the match, we might have to dig in a little deeper. The model’s picture shows a tennis player with a green shirt and white shorts. And if we were to cross the newfound evidence with Saturday’s US Open matches, we would get to find out who the player is. As per deductions, the golfing influencer went to watch the match between Dan Evans and Carlos Alcaraz

paigeThe ex-professional golfer made sure to satisfy her hunger for the game of tennis as she went ahead to watch the sport by taking some time off golf. But even so, her fans, including many in the tennis community, do not find this bad, as they went ahead to shower the model with many responses
The tweet that was uploaded to her social media handle recently went ahead to blow up as many of her followers reacted to the model’s post. The comments ranged from those of admiration to those of a hilarious nature as people, including tennis enthusiasts, started to swarm her profile. Let us take a look at some of these reactions.

There were some fans who asked her whether she had something else on her mind while watching the match. The question came in the context of her bold content on social media, which showcases her in dazzling photos and videos.


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