Paige Spiranac mother told her to have courage, being determined, and showing how wonderful the game of golf is

She continues to prove her haters wrong by showing how versatile she is. The former professional golfer and her sister, Lexie Mitchell, published a children’s book, Hattie Goes Golfing.Hattie is a gopher who wants to play golf. She loves watching the golfers at the course by her, but all the other animals are far too large. She is told that she is too tiny to play, but that doesn’t stop her. No matter what, Hattie the Gopher will find her place at the golf course and fulfill her dream.

This story is inspired by Spiranac’s personal golf journey. She and her sister authored this book to show that anyone can play golf.“I wrote a children’s book with my sister! The book is about having courage, being determined, and showing how wonderful the game of golf can be for everyone! Hope it will get your little ones into the game,” Spiranac wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

They want young girls and boys to have the confidence to try the game and pursue their dreams. It also has underlying messages about surrounding themselves with a strong support system on their journeys.The book is for pre-order only right now through Back Nine Press. People can order signed copies from Spiranac or ones without it.

Spiranac’s story from earlier this year shed a new light into who she is as a businesswoman. While many see her as a gorgeous golf influencer who has 10 million followers, there is much more to her. Her perseverance and tenacity allow her to accomplish the goals she sets for herself.Now, she can add a new title to her ever-growing list: published author.


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