Paige Spiranac Spoke About Her Single Life I Dont Trust Any Man , I am Cool For Now

Paige Spiranac has recently returned from the 2023 Masters and was updating subscribers on what she got up to in Augusta.But she also revealed a far more personal bit of information about her current relationship statusThe golfing beauty recently explained that she is, in fact, in a relationship.

She later confirmed to her fans by saying: “Yes… I do have a boyfriend.”He works crazy hours and he works a lot so what we do is whoever is busier, the other person will pick up the slack.”Although Spiranac did confirm she is now in a relationship, she didn’t reveal the identity of her new partner.Fans took to the comments section to support Paige following her latest life update.

One viewer wrote: “Congrats on the new boyfriend !!!”A fan also wrote: “Boyfriend? Who’s the lucky guy?”She reportedly got engaged to the former professional baseball player in 2016 before tying the knot two years later.

During a Q&A on Instagram in June 2022 Spiranac explained that the two had decided to split up.She said: “I do get this question a lot so I do want to address it.”I was married. I am no longer married.”

Spiranac told the New York Post: “I met him at the start of my career, so we have done this entire thing together.

“He is so understanding and knows this is a business for me.”On her podcast, she revealed the reason behind keeping it a secret for so long: “I think a lot of people think I don’t talk about it because of my business.”If I say that I’m with someone or I’m married, then I’ll lose male followers, and that’s actually not the case.

“I am so open and honest about everything in my life, as you guys can tell from the podcast.Another added: “Congratulations on the new boyfriend! God bless ya both!”

“That I want something to myself, and having a public relationship is very difficult, and as soon as you make it public, you’re giving everyone the right to ask questions and you have to then answer them.”If I do post about it, and I end up breaking up with that person, I then have to talk about the break-up cause I owe that to everyone because I made my relationship public.

When a big milestone has happened in my life, it’s always turned into something that is not joyous anymore because people comment on it and they turn it into something that’s it not, and so I just want to leave my relationship and my family and things that are really important to me out of it.”


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