Patrick Mahomes doesn’t mind the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the role of the villain if it results in the team winning.


Patrick Mahomes doesn’t mind the Kansas City Chiefs becoming a villain if it means the team is winning.The two-time NFL MVP addressed the Chiefs being seen as heels going into their fourth Super Bowl in the past five seasons.


“I just like winning,” he said. “If winning causes you to be the villains I’m OK with that.”There were some villain vibes for the Chiefs during Super Bowl Opening Night when they got loudly booed whenever their players tried to speak.


That could be explained away by 49ers fans wanting to show their passion. Plus, the Super Bowl is being played at the home stadium for the Las Vegas Raiders.Other than that, though, there really aren’t true villain vibes for the Chiefs. When the New England Patriots were a dynasty with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, there were several on-field scandals over the years that made it easy to root against them.


The Chiefs have been winning at an astounding rate in the regular season and playoffs since Mahomes became the starting quarterback in 2018, but they don’t really do anything that makes you root against them.


This is generally how the pattern works in professional sports. A team that has a sustained run of success is hailed as a great story in the beginning, then we get bored because we want to see more teams playing for the championship.


If you’re upset the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl again, blame the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens for not beating them in the playoffs when they had the chance. Blame the other AFC West teams for not building a team to keep them out of the postseason.


Mahomes has led the Chiefs to the AFC Championship Game in each of his six seasons as their starting quarterback. They can become the first team since the 2003-04 Patriots to win back-to-back Super Bowls if they defeat the 49ers on Sunday.