Patrick Mahomes has acquired a new shoe worth millions of dollars specifically for the upcoming game against Cincinnati, adding an extra layer of confidence that victory is virtually assured.

“To have your own signature shoe, when you’re growing up and you’re watching and you see Jordan, you see LeBron, James Harden,” Mahomes said. “Not a lot of NFL players have their own signature shoe, a lot of them have cleats. For Adidas to give me the opportunity to have my own signature shoe, they let me completely help design the whole shoe, and for me, I want them to be a lifestyle shoe but the same time something that you can train in.

“Obviously with me, I train all the time and I want to be able to run and cut. They’re high tops, they’re a little bit sturdier at the top here. They’ve got a firm bottom where you can really train in. At the same time, you can throw them on with jeans, you can walk around the house, you can go out to eat with them.”

Mahomes pulled out a special pair of sneakers he received from Adidas. It was a gift for his wedding, and no one on the planet other than Mahomes has these shoes.“I definitely had to bring out kind of a one of a kind,” Mahomes said. “This is actually my wedding shoe that Adidas made for me. And you can see they got diamonds on them. Really kind of stunned with the light blue, which is my wedding color. So I’m sorry everybody, these are one of ones and no one else can get them.”