Patrick Mahomes’ little brother gets hate from fans after Kansas City Chiefs celebrations.

Some users kept asking him to get a job while others defended him
Image of brothers Patrick and Jackson Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes

During the Super Bowl celebrations right after the game and during the subsequent games, Jackson Mahomes received an unusual amount of hate through social media. Many don’t like the way he carries himself as a social media influencer and think he is only using his big brother’s clout to stay relevant. People kept commenting he should get a job instead of just enjoying his brother’s success. But Jackson Mahomes was doing what any other Kansas City Chiefs fans would’ve done. He appeared posting videos on TikTok, where he boasts 1.1 million followers and does it constantly.

n his mind, Jackson Mahomes already has a career as a social media influencer but fans seem to think otherwise. The level of hate he has been getting since those celebrations is sometimes hard to understand. But this is social media, things like these happen all the time as people feel protected behind their anonimity. Mahomes surely read these comments but he should’ve allow them to affect him because he is following his own path in life. Certainly, there is a level of pressure as Patrick Mahomes’ little brother but he needs to learn how to navigate that.

Patrick Mahomes video


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