Patrick Mahomes opens up on chasing Tom Brady’s GOAT status: ‘Hard not to think about it’


atrick Mahomes is currently 27 years old, he has already played three Super Bowls and won two of them. Tom Brady had also played three Super Bowls when he was the same age but he had already won three rings. Having played as many Super Bowls as the best player in NFL history will inevitably draw you some unwanted comparisons. But even

patrickMahomes himself acknowledges he actually has a shot at getting to where Tom Brady is right now. If he didn’t have this competitive spirit, he wouldn’t even entertain the idea of winning 7 and even 8 Supr Bowl rings when his career is over. In fact, Patrick just confessed that thinking about this is almost impossible at this stage in his career.

Speaking to Chris Simms during an interview, here’s what Patrick Mahomes said after being asked about chasing Tom Brady’s 7 Super Bowl rings: “It’s hard not to think about it, I think about seven Super Bowls, and being in 10 of them. I mean, it seems surreal, because I mean it, I know how hard it is now to even get to that game. But like you said, you take it one at a time, but at the end, that’s I mean,

that’s the ultimate goal. I think for any quarterback in this league, is to get to get to all those Super Bowls. I know it’s a long ways away and some take a lot of just season in day in weekend, whatever it is of being the best I possibly can be. And then if you talk to me like 15 years, and we’ll see where we’re at and see if I can get close enough to that

Tom Brady retired having played 10 Super Bowls and winning 7 of them, It’s still a long way for Mahomes but he definitely has both the teammates and the talent to keep dominating the NFL for as long as he stays healthy. The Kansas City Chiefs will also need to do a decent job at drafting players from younger generations that are on the same level Patrick Mahomes requires.

patrickThe stars truly need to align in order to give the Chiefs’ QB a chance to reach the very top, but it is certainly not impossible. His competition does seem like it will give him more problems than Tom Brady suffered against his rivals from the era. But simply by hearing Mahomes talk about this, you can tell he is definitely up for the task.


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