Patrick Mahomes Prays Before Super Bowl And Comes Back In Victory!

Patrick Mahomes

A church in Joplin, Missouri is using their sign to appeal to a higher power on behalf of Patrick Mahomes’ health and we can’t blame them.

From the moment that the world saw Patrick Mahomes come up limping after being rolled on by a Jacksonville Jaguars player just a week ago, we’re pretty sure the number of prayers being offered up on behalf of the Kansas City Chiefs star has been innumerable.




Some of those, of course, came from us.

It was only a few days ago that we all gasped and held our collective breath after watching replays of Jags lineman Arden Key fall on Mahomes’ leg in such a way that made him come out of it with a high ankle sprain. Some folks claimed it was purposeful, but no flag was thrown. Either way, it forced Mahomes to leave the field of play for a spell to seek treatment.



While the Chiefs offense kept moving without him—hat tip to Chad Henne’s impressive 98-yard drive—the Chiefs’ title chances rise and fall on Mahomes’ availability and everyone knows it. Mahomes himself came back to finish the game and carry the Chiefs to the next round, but the opponent is significantly tougher this Sunday night in the conference championship. The Cincinnati Bengals have, after all, defeated K.C. in their last three matchups.



Injured Mahomes Leads Chiefs to Super Bowl Victory | CBN News



As for Mahomes, he’s back in practice and fully participating as if it were a normal week. His ankle remains taped up, however, and it’s a reminder that we can’t pray enough—if that’s your thing. Even one local church in Joplin, Missouri is getting on the action with a public cry for something up there to do something down here.

Given the passion involved at Arrowhead on game days, we’re pretty sure that qualifies as a pentecostal sort of experience. Here’s hoping for some help from the big fella this weekend on behalf of Chiefs Kingdom.


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