Patrick Mahomes says the NFL’s expanded jersey number rules make reading defenses harder for QBs because you can’t always tell who’s a linebacker and who’s a defensive back.

Mahomes’ comments echo those of Tom Brady, who also expressed his dislike for the new rule after it was implemented. In Brady’s opinion, the new rule gives a significant advantage to the defense. “I think it’s going to make for a lot of bad football,” Brady said. “It’s not great for the quarterbacks. I know they changed it for linebackers and safeties, which I think is good. But anything that makes it harder for the quarterback to see is not great.”

he NFL has recently made changes to its rules regarding which players can wear which jerseys, allowing defensive players to sport single-digit numbers. While this might seem like a minor change, it has not been well received by star quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady.

During a recent interview with Peyton and Eli Manning, Mahomes expressed his frustration with the new rule, citing the difficulty it creates for quarterbacks to identify players on the field. “It’s even crazier now because everybody can wear the single digits,” Mahomes said. “It looks cool, I’ll give everybody that, but it makes it a little difficult for the QB.”

Mahomes went on to explain that, in the past, it was easy to determine which personnel grouping the defense had sent into the game based on the numbers on their jerseys.However, with the new rule in place, it’s now much harder to determine a player’s position based on their number. “You get these guys who rotate in, and you’ll get a DB who’s in the 40s and a linebacker in single digits,” Mahomes said. “Having to really recognize that quickly.