Patrick Mahomes Tell Fans That I Belong To KC Team im Not Sign Any Contract With Anyone

Patrick Mahomes has established himself among the NFL’s all-time great quarterbacks as he enters the 2023 NFL season seeking a third Super Bowl ring; watch Mahomes and the Chiefs begin their title defence at home to the Detroit Lions live on Sky Sports from 1.20am Friday morningThis is Patrick Mahomes’ NFL, until somebody prise it from him. Many have tried, many more will try.

patrickThe league has been Mahomesified to the point of unlikely return, bowing to brilliance and burying heads in playbooks in a race to unveil prevention remedies. By the time an imperfect nugget resembling some sort of answer for him presents itself, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has evolved and upgraded before skedaddling in triumphant glee.
He is the already-

handsomely-equipped market-leading gizmo that remodels at an unassailable rate in ruthless pursuit of software perfection, and the Frank Abagnale who navigates life two steps ahead of a scampering Tom Hanks, only difference to the latter being that the skills to which he lays claim are very much real.
His torpedo is on course for your Plan B before teams have even acknowledged Plan A faltering.

The idea of his ‘prime’ continues to be redefined according to the immediacy at which greatness has been rubber-stamped and the rate at which he continues to lift the bar. He is football’s best, at football’s defining position.

Mahomes has just won his second Super Bowl ring in three visits to the NFL’s showpiece game over the last four years, having notably spent his rookie year sat learning behind Alex Smith in 2017. He is a two-time Super Bowl MVP and a two-time league MVP, last year becoming the first player since Kurt Warner in 1999 to collect both accolades in a single-season. All before the age of 28. He snatched the torch before Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers had the chance to pass it on.

In a normal world this could and maybe should be Joe Burrow’s league, or Josh Allen’s league, or Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts’ league. In a normal world it would be Rodgers’ league in the post-Brady era. In a normal world the timeframe for Trevor Lawrence’s ascent to poster boy stardom as the most highly-regarded quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck would be shorter. Mahomes sees each of their defining individual traits and raises them a juggernaut concoction of quarterbacking totality.


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