Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback,  receive, secured a substantial payout of 6.7 million dollars from bets on the NFL playoffs.

patrick mahomes wide receiver, secured a substantial 6.7 million dollar payout from bets on the NFL playoffs, benefitting from the victories of Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.

As the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens won their respective games, leading them to face off in the AFC championship, patrickt’s successful wagers earned him the substantial sum.

Publicly claiming that he will split the winnings with his brother if the Chiefs won, patrick revealed his winning bets from the divisional round.”If the chiefs win this game, me and my bro breaking down 6.7 million!” he wrote on X.

With Mahomes and Jackson advancing, Bryant and his brother now find themselves 6.7 million dollars richer. The AFC championship game marks Mahomes’ sixth consecutive appearance in this stage since becoming a starter, an impressive record.

Meanwhile, Jackson, often scrutinized for his playoff performance, has an opportunity to reach his first Super Bowl by defeating Mahomes.The Ravens’ strong defense and recent offensive success enhance their chances in the championship game.

You have to stay in your lanes, you have to stay disciplined with any quarterback that runs. Lamar is special, he’s fast and one of the faster guys on the field when it’s all said and done and he’s shifty.

“This kid (Jackson), he throws it well, he throws it on the move well, runs the ball well so we’ve just got to stay on top of that part of it throughout practice this week and then during the game