Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Andy Reid have firmly established themselves among the all-time greats in their respective positions in the NFL.

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Andy Reid are currently positioned among the all-time greats at their respective positions in the NFL, with the potential to further enhance their legacies through another Super Bowl run. A previous staff vote has placed Mahomes as the fourth-greatest quarterback, Kelce as the third-best tight end, and Reid as the seventh-best head coach in NFL history.

These rankings provide insight into the impact and legacy of these notable figures in NFL history, showcasing their potential to solidify their positions among the greatest through ongoing successes.

Mahomes’ ranking as the fourth-greatest quarterback is contentious due to his relatively short career, contrasting with the credentials of seasoned quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers. Similarly, arguments exist both for and against Kelce surpassing other legendary tight ends like Rob Gronkowski. Reid’s lack of Super Bowl wins without Patrick Mahomes raises questions about his ranking.

A potential Super Bowl win for Mahomes, Kelce, and Reid could further cement their positions among the all-time greats in the NFL, while any setback in the postseason may impact how their legacies are perceived.

The rankings and discussions around the legacies of Mahomes, Kelce, and Reid highlight the ongoing evolution of NFL history, with their potential to challenge the established elite at their respective positions through continued success.