Patrick Mahomes Wins Affectionate Compliment From Beautiful Brittany for This Touching Gesture That Can Motivate Any Mom;“Super Dad”:

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is a super quarterback on a football field. But when the season is over, he turns into a full family man off it. He is spending his offseason with his wife and two kids before the next season engulfs him again. And the Kansas City Chiefs QB won an affectionate compliment from his beautiful wife Brittany Mahomes for a touching gesture that can motivate any mom.

Mahomes led his team to a Super Bowl victory last month after a superb season of football. And he probably wants to ensure that he has a superb season off the field as well.

Patrick Mahomes has a strong fondness for golf, and on a recent visit to the golf course, he had the pleasure of bringing along two special individuals – his two children. Brittany Mahomes shared a photo on her Instagram stories that captured the quarterback’s joy as he held Sterling and Bronze in his arms.

“Super Dad,” Brittany wrote in the story with a laughing face emoji and white heart.

Such a gesture can motivate any mom in the world when a father takes pleasure in spending time with the kids above everything else. And the Chiefs QB is certainly and evidently loving his time with his two bundles of joy. The smile on his face tells the whole story.

Ever since he led the Chiefs to the Super victory against the Philadelphia Eagles, Mahomes is spending some quality time with his family. He knows he has limited free time with his loved ones before the new season kicks in again and he surely wants to make the most of the time he has in hand.

Patrick Mahomes had a stellar season, winning the Super Bowl along with the league and the Super Bowl MVP last month. But when he is at home, he leaves behind everything he did on the field. There only the family matters.

After lifting the Vince Lombardi, Mahomes took his wife and kids to Disneyland. The fans got a sneak peek of their Valentine’s Day adventure through Brittany’s Instagram. What a way to spend the day of love with loved on

The couple also celebrated their daughter Sterling’s second birthday just a week later. And the Chiefs QB was there for his princess on her big day. He is really milking the offseason. And that’s the kind of partnership any woman would want from the father of her children. No doubt Brittany tagged Mahomes as a ‘Super Dad’.


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