Bryce Dallas portraying spy author Elly Conway in the upcoming film ‘Argylle,’ draws a comparison between Taylor Swift and her character, noting that Swift shares some similarities with the intriguing qualities embodied by Elly Conway in the movie.”

Bryce Dallas Howard is sharing her two cents on the Taylor Swift-Argylle conspiracy.The actress, who plays author Elly Conway in the new Argylle film, denied the rumors that the “Anti-Hero” singer was involved in writing the book that inspired the movie, but admitted that there was some inspiration from Swift for her character.

“We can’t pretend she was involved,” Howard, 42, said on Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show. “The reality is she was in many ways a great inspiration.”

“She is a cat lady. She’s got this awesome backpack with a cat in [it] that she walks around with. She loves a good argyle sweater, and there is a sort of unapologetic dorkiness about her,” Howard continued of Swift, 34.She added, “That’s a little bit like what my character is like.”

Since the film’s announcement, Swift fans began speculating online that the pop star might be behind the Elly Conway pseudonym due to a number of details related to the book and movie that fans thought could be Easter eggs.

One of the apparent clues fans speculated about was the similarity of the cat imagery featured in the book and film to one of the Grammy winner’s own felines.

In the movie’s trailer, Howard’s character has a Scottish Fold cat — similar to Swift’s pet Meredith Grey — which she puts in an argyle-patterned backpack she brings with her while she embarks on her own spy adventure. The cat is also featured on a poster for the movie.

Swift is known to be a cat lover and owns three furry felines: Meredith, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button. Benjamin even joined her for her Time’s 2023 Person of the Year photo shoot.