Prince Andrew ‘feeling pressured’ as Queen prioritizes monarchy’s survival – check.


Prince Andrew has officially started feeling pressurized as Queen Elizabeth resets her focus on prioritizing the survival of the monarchy. This claim has been brought forward by royal expert and commentator John Alridge.



During his interview with Sky News, Mr. Alridge was quoted saying, “The damage to the Duke is one thing, the damage to the institution is quite another.”



“The Queen, as we’ve seen recently with other members of her family, is absolutely determined that the institution will be protected above everything else.”



“The way it’s working out now…the decision is close to being made that the Duke will have to try to close the legal case. He will have to try to find some way to settle it.”



The Firm ‘perplexed’ over Prince Andrew’s silence in assault lawsuit


The royal family is reportedly struggling to make sense of Prince Andrew’s silence over the Virginia Giuffre rape case.



According to a source close to The Sun, “There are serious questions within the Royal Family about the Duke’s legal strategy.”



“No one outside Andrew’s immediate team has a clue what’s going on — there’s absolute silence. It may be legally correct, but to the outside world, it’s disastrous, beyond parody.”



The insider concluded their interview by admitting, “Everyone around the Royal Family is utterly perplexed and staggered that the Duke has been brought to this position.”



Prince Andrew’s shocking approach has also been addressed by Dame Cressida Dick, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.


During her interview with LBC previously, she made it clear that despite the Duke’s legal strategies, there is “no one who will ever be above the law” in Britain.



Prince Harry, Prince ‘drawing battle lines against Prince Charles

Prince Charles and Prince Harry are reportedly gearing up for a battle as their feud continues to grow deeper with each passing day.



This claim has been brought forward by royal expert and author Daniela Elser in a new piece for the New Zealand Herald.



There she wrote, “If, having experienced the fallout from the Oprah interview and essentially gone ahead and done the same thing again, it would seem that Harry has no intention of backing down or at least backing away from his current competitive stances.”


Queen Elizabeth
“All of which leaves us here: The battle lines have been drawn and no one seems willing to back down. There will be no ceasefire, any time soon. Sadly, it is hard to see how any of this ends well for either side.


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