Prince Harry hails Princess Diana’s ‘legacy’ as he marks 40 years of HIV charity.

prince harry

The Duke of Sussex has marked the 40th anniversary of the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity, Terrence Higgins Trust.

In a letter, released on Monday (6 March), Prince Harry said his work with the charity is a “big piece” of his mother’s legacy, referencing Princess Diana’s philanthropic work with people living with HIV and AIDS.

“I’ve been involved with Terrence Higgins Trust for a number of years, and the fight to end this epidemic is a big piece of my mum’s legacy,” he said.

“While my mother did not live to see the success of today’s treatments, I feel immense pride in being able to continue her advocacy with you.

“My mother grew up in a world where HIV was likely a death sentence. Yet, in the midst of all that uncertainty, she led with empathy, finding the humanity in all around her and demonstrating the power of connection in the face of fear.”

The message appears in the charity’s catalogue for its flagship fundraising event The Auction, an annual fundraising event to support people affected by HIV and poor sexual health, which will take place on 6 March.

“As Terrence Higgins Trust has evolved over the years, their goal has remained the same: end new transmissions,” he continued.

“Terrence Higgins Trust has pledged to make England the first country to end new HIV cases by 2030, but they need all of us to do our part by encouraging testing so we all know our status, eradicating stigma that thrives on silence, and donating the resources Terrence Higgins Trust needs to keep up their efforts at pace.”

At the auction this year, pieces include work by artists Tracey Emin, Gormle Antonyy and British photographer John Rankin Waddell, otherwise known as Rankin.

After his death, Higgins’ partner and their friend started a charity in his name to build awareness, share information and save lives.


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