Prince Harry, Meghan Markle blasted for what they did to Kate Middleton -check.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting blasted once again for supposedly ‘overshadowing’ Kate Middleton. Commenting on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s latest row with the palace over the change of Meghan’s name on Archie’s birth certificate, royal commentator Daniela Elser blasted the two.



Writing for, Elser said that Kate Middleton’s ‘special milestone’ was overshadowed due to the Sussex pair as she filmed herself for the first time for Children’s Mental Health Week.


William and Kate Middleton seem to land on their feet in a way Meghan and Harry didn’t. Picture
“But chances are, unless you spend far too much time stalking the byways of royal Twitter (oh, it can be a very dark place at times) or are Carole Middleton then there is every chance you would have missed Kate’s digital first,” she wrote.



“If ever there was a week to remind Buckingham and Kensington Palaces, Fleet Street, social media, various HRHs and royal scribes everywhere about which Windsors people really care about in the royal pecking order, it was this one, with the brouhaha over who excised Meghan’s given names from her son’s official documents dominating,” she went on to say.



“As fingers were pointed across the Atlantic, with both the royal and the palace pointedly laying blame on the other, poor Kate’s video, which should have been a sure-fire PR win, was eclipsed,” she continued.


Kate Middleton could get the Windsor Castle gift that Markle Meghan wanted
“Let’s imagine for a moment that Kate and her dedicated team coming up with the idea (oh you just know that a white board and a packet of Hobnobs was involved), polite claps on the back all around as they decided on the Duchess recording a far more personal and intimate message than normal for this year’s charity drive.”



“Instead, as has happened numerous times before, the latest chapter in Keeping Up With The Sussexes had us



the media, royal watchers, the sentient public, anyone with opposable thumbs – totally enthralled and in the wash, Kate and Her Good Work was largely obliterated,” she added.




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