Prince Harry threatening Prince William with the with the sword of Damocles

Prince Harry news – live: Why reconciliation with Charles, William and Camilla seems ‘impossible’

Prince Harry is reportedly ‘reveling’ in Prince William’s pain, and experts fear he is also getting drunk with power since his memoir dropped.

This claim has been brought to light by Carole Malone, English television presenter.

She made these admissions in a piece for Express UK and started it all off by taking a swipe at Prince Harry for his ruthless attacks against the Firm.

It read, “So [Prince Harry’s] giving them both advance warning that if they don’t apologise to him, that if they don’t play ball, he’ll come at them again all guns blazing?”

Malone even went as far as to brand the Duke “delusional” for his antics and bashed his reported believe that he feels “he can destroy people at will if they refuse to acquiesce to his demands – especially those in his own family.”

“Why the hell would the royals want to make peace with a man like that, a man who seems to be revelling in the fact that he’s standing over them with the sword of Damocles saying:

‘If you don’t do what I want, I will destroy you.”

“If Harry’s brought back into the royal fold I think he will wreak even more havoc because I think currently he’s drunk on his own power.

He’s revelling in it.

He believes no one and nothing can stand in the way of his ‘truth’.

  1. And that kind of power in the hands of a not terribly bright man is terrifying.”


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