Rafael Nadal’s Opponents Warned as Former Serena Williams’ Coach Reminds Fans of His Potential – ‘Hope He Gets One More.

Vamos! The ‘King of Clay’ is set to make a comeback after taking a long break from the court due to a hip injury. Rafael Nadal fans are excited to see him dominate his opponents yet again in what would probably be his last season in an illustrious career. Let’s find out what Serena Williams‘ former coach has to say on his comeback.

Nadal last appeared at the Australian Open earlier this year. It has been more than 300 days of absence for the 37-year-old icon of the racket sport. He had earlier confirmed his participation at the first ATP 250 Tour of 2024 in Brisbane. The Brisbane International is set to commence on December 31. It is marked as a warm-up event before the mega event at Melbourne Park. What are his chances for an action-packed season which awaits in 2024?

Rafael Nadal suffered a hip injury during the second round of the AO in January this year. He was expected to make a comeback at the Roland Garros this year, but it didn’t happen. The Spaniard had only played 4 matches this year. So, he’ll surely be hungry to clinch his first silverware in 2024. Recently, Eric Hechtman, the former coach of the Williams sisters gave an exclusive interview to ES. Here’s what he said about Nadal’s possibilities in his favorite Grand Slam.

Yeah, I mean, you can never rule Rafael Nadal out of Roland Garros, right? I mean, what he’s accomplished there, say there’s no athlete that’s accomplished something like that in any sort of sporting event. Um, you know, given the amount of time he’s been out and the injuries and how physical the guy’s game is. I mean, obviously the challenges are there in front of him. But he’s great for the game and, you know, I hope he gets one more run in there,” said Hechtman

Rafa has won a staggering 14 French Open titles in his career. But before he steps on the clay, there are a few hurdles ahead of him in ‘The Land Down Under’. First in Brisbane and second in Melbourne, where he had won the first major of the season two times in his career. Can he get a good start in Brisbane International?

The former number 1 is currently placed at 663rd rank in men’s singles. It means he has to face some of the high-profile names in the initial rounds of the upcoming tournaments. Who are some of the big names featured in Brisbane International? Well, former winners Andy Murray and Grigor Dimitrov have confirmed participation along with 20YO Danish talent, Holger Rune. Who’ll emerge