See what Jimmy Kimmel said about the award winning Singer Taylor swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce


Jimmy Kimmel knows all too well that no one can stop talking about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Will that be reflected when he takes the Dolby Theatre stage this Sunday as host of the Oscars?

Jimmy said I don’t think I’m going to be making fun of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce during the Oscars.

Kimmel recently revealed to CNN that comedic material about the coveted couple is “not off limits, but probably played out,” per the New York Post.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live host has previously incorporated Swift into his late night monologues, such as when he teased that she “made history by becoming the first white woman to ignore Celine Dion” at the Grammys last month.

However, both Jo Koy and Emma Stone made headlines for making Swift the butt of the joke at the Golden Globes, with the latter telling Variety that she “definitely won’t make a joke like that again,” because some headlines “really pulled it out of context

In Koy’s case, he admitted on GMA3 that his joke about Swift was “weird,” but clarified that it was “more on the NFL” than on her, per Variety.

Kimmel recently supported Koy after the fallout to his hosting gig, explaining to The Hollywood Reporter that he “think[s] they should let [him] host the show next year and give him a shot at doing it over.”

Kimmel elaborated further on how tricky it can be to joke about celebrities in attendance at the show, telling CNN that “it’s not that easy.”

“It depends on the person because some people are more sensitive than others,” he clarified. “God help you, if I know you. Like, if you’ve been to my house, you’re in trouble on Oscar night.”

With respect to practicing his material ahead of time, he opened up to Deadline about his approach to seeing which jokes will land.