Serena Williams flaunts killer-body in dazzling outfit


Serena Williams stunned fans in more ways than one when she took to social media in a dazzling outfit complete with the most incredible footwear. The tennis champ had a dance-off at a high school she was visiting where she even had a go at baton twirling, but it was her outfit which truly stood out.


Serena Williams flaunts killer-body in dazzling outfit

Serena was dressed in a black, leather miniskirt and glittery top and all that her fans could talk about were her shoes. She’d teamed her black outfit with a pair of sky-high cantilever heels. The heel-less footwear caused a huge stir as fans commented on the video shared on Instagram.Others marveled at the impressive talents of the young man who performed his routine against her.



Serena Williams flaunts killer-body in dazzling outfit

The athlete is no stranger to fashion statements and even has her own clothing line, S for Serena. She recently gave fans a glimpse at her collection when she modeled her favorites for a fun social media post.Serena nailed everything from skinny jeans and heels to cozy dresses with combat boots.


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The mom-of-one flaunted her athletic frame and toned legs in a number of dresses but it was the white mini dress and heels which caught many of her social media follower’s eye.Serena launched her fashion line in 2018 which was a dream for her. While still maintaining her tennis career, she attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to study fashion design – and it looks like it paid off.


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