Serena Williams’ husband takes up another new favorite activity with his daughter

The internet mogul has often used his social media platforms to share snippets of his day-to-day activities with his family. Most recently, Alexis Ohanian was there at a car wash service shop, according to his latest Instagram story. Unsurprisingly, it was his little one who was once again accompanying the Reddit co-founder.

The father-daughter duo, who are known for being masters of artist pancakes, have now found another new activity for themselves. While sharing a picture of his car windshield glass being washed, the American entrepreneur added the caption, “I love taking @olympiaohanian to the car wash”.

Aside from their pancakes and recent car wash adventures, Alexis Ohanian and Olympia have been ardently keeping up with some other fun activities as well. Even their fun morning LEGO session was previously brought to light on social media by the tech entrepreneur.

In one of his previous social media posts, the devoted father was sighted savoring Crêpes accompanied by a cup of coffee. While enjoying his culinary creation, Ohanian was also building a LEGO toy house, as he shared a tweet of his fun morning LEGO session.

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