Serena Williams recently opened up about her journey as a mother-of-two. The tennis phenom said in a recent TikTok video that “motherhood is not as glamorous as you think

The 42-year-old started the lighthearted video off in her black sequin gown that she wore to the 2023 CFDA Awards earlier this month. Of course, this was a display of nothing but glam and glitter. The juxtaposing caption, “What my life is really like… It’s not as glamorous as you think,” prepared viewers for the real deal when the Williams cut to video of her pumping breast


It cannot get any more real than that! And of course, fans in the comments agreed.One TikTok user wrote, “If this ain’t real life, then I don’t know what is. So glad you show you’re in the trenches with us.”Another commented, “Oooh I do not miss those pumping days! Thanks for the chuckle, Queen! It’s no joke this mothering thing! Enjoy all the moments 🥰🥰”“Girl ! People just don’t know how much of a flex motherhood is – it ain’t for the weak 🥰,” one of Williams’ TikTok followers commented.

Another TikTok user conquered, agreeing that motherhood is not easy by any means. “🥰Best Wishes! Mommy duty ain’t easy. You doing great! One day at a time!!Williams, along with her tech entrepreneur husband, Alexis Ohanian, share two daughters: six-year-old Olympia and three-month-old Adira River.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the CFDA Awards ceremony, Williams shared that her six-year-old is still in the process of “navigating” being a big sister to three-month-old Adira.“She loves it,” Williams told the popular entertainment news outlet. “Adira’s like a tiny little baby, so Olympia just calls her her little sis.”Per ET, Williams said that Olympia “prayed for a sister.” However, the tennis pro revealed she herself was a little “worried” ahead of Adira’s arrival.

“I was like, ‘OK, I don’t know if I can like anyone as much as I love Olympia,’” Williams admitted. “I was really nervous about that. But I feel like it all worked out.