The Legend Serena Williams Said When Adira River became the youngest She We Definitely Own A Sporting Club .I Want Her To Be like me

Earlier this year, Serena’s elder daughter, Olympia had become the youngest to co-own a sports club when she was announced on the ownership board of Los Angeles Golf Club and Angel City FC. Soon after the birth of Adira, she took that title away from her elder sister as she was announced the co-owner of Angel City FC alongside Serena, Alexis, and Olympia. The news was announced by her father, who took to Twitter to reveal that Adira will be the co-owner of the NWSL club.

While it has been a glorious start to baby Adira’s life, we can’t wait for her to share adorable moments with Olympia and her parentsIt is known that Serena’s newborn daughter, Adira will inherit the property along with her 6-year-old sister, Olympia. This comes in addition to the multi-million dollar NWSL club ownership that Adira has. The massive Florida mansion that Adira and Olympia will inherit is nothing short of beautiful.

The massive property includes a swimming pool, karaoke room, and nursery for newborn Adira amongst other things. Additionally, it also has a personalized walk-in wardrobe, spanning a whopping 620 feet. Days before this news about inheritance broke out, Adira created history, surpassing her sister.


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