Serena Williams shares incredible Sexy bikini flashback photo from a ‘verryyy different time’ in her life se

Fans remarked upon her new life as a mother-of-two and bombastic return to the red carpet, leaving responses to her video like: “You’re so honest and open in your videos. Very refreshing. Congratulations. You will always be an icon,” and: “Showing us all how it can be done, ceaselessly.”

A third also remarked: “You are such a beautiful human and it shines through. you are a role model,” with a fourth gushing: “Good for you! Congratulations! I love you, sissy!”Later in the video, we see Serena dote over Adira while also preparing some milk to feed her while she’s at the event, with a sprightly Olympia in the background jumping around to entertain her baby sister.

“Traveling with two kids is definitely different and hectic,” Serena added. “I feel like I’m traveling with a production team,” sharing also that after giving birth, she “took time to enjoy my baby.”

Serena also remarked on the difference between returning to the spotlight with Adira vs after welcoming Olympia in 2017, when she was still a working pro athlete. “With Adira, it’s different because I’m not playing professional tennis right now. My mind isn’t in tennis mode.