“Serena Williams, with a multimillion-dollar investment, significantly expanded Karat’s ‘Brilliant Black Minds’ program, making a meaningful contribution.”

Serena Williams is among a large group of change agents aiming to in level the playing for Black software engineers.

Karat, the only end-to-end partner for technical hiring, recently announced a that their Brilliant Black Minds program has welcomed new partners including DocuSign, Electronic Arts, Intuit, Snap, Uber, Unity, and Zillow. Existing partners include Amazon Prime Video, Citi, Duolingo, and Flatiron Health. The industry leaders have corralled to help build more bridges of inclusivity for Black software engineers.

Serena Williams is among the group of esteemed investors and, shared her thoughts about the program’s expansion: “The technology industry is focused on solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. My focus is ensuring the solutions to those challenges are developed by all of us.” Per a news release, a year after Williams’s investment, the community has grown exponentially

Black software engineers are currently the most underrepresented group in the software development space, with just 5% of software engineers identifying as Black. Their Brilliant Black Minds programs aims to bridge the chasm to opportunity through mentorship, networking opportunities and much more.