Sunny Hostin Leaves Her Seat On ‘The View’ To Advise Whoopi Goldberg About What She Can And Can’t Say On TV

Whoopi Goldberg


Whoopi Goldberg got a little help from her friends on this morning’s episode of The View.


Whoopi Goldberg

The longtime co-host was in the middle of a heated discussion about Donald Trump‘s attempt to win over the Libertarian vote when she had to pause herself to check her own language.

While lamenting the dismantling of the Voting Rights Act, Goldberg said, “Watching them dismantle— and I’m trying to figure out the correct word ’cause I don’t want anyone up my behind about this.”

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Looking out into the studio where The View‘s executive producer Brian Teta was stationed, Goldberg said, “Can I come ask you if this is an OK word to say?”

After a slight pause, Teta replied, “I’m gonna say no, it’s not. I’m just gonna guess.”

But his answer wasn’t good enough for Sunny Hostin, who took it into her own hands to find out what Goldberg wanted to say — and if it would be appropriate for daytime TV.

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Rising from her chair at the Hot Topics table, Hostin walked over to where Goldberg was seated and knelt down beside her so Goldberg could whisper her question into Hostin’s ear.

As they chatted, Sara Haines quipped, “Clearly Brian knows the table.”

But as Hostin got up and walked back to her seat, Goldberg said, “That’s OK? OK,” after seemingly getting the clear from Hostin to say what she had been planning.

After Teta remarked that he was supposed to be “the authority” on Goldberg’s inquiry, Hostin exclaimed, “I’m the lawyer!”

Goldberg, justifying her question, told Teta she’s “never sure anymore of what word is OK and what isn’t,” while Hostin reiterated, “You can say it.”

So, what word was all the fuss about? As Goldberg said, “The gerrymandering that’s gone on in this country,” Hostin threw her hands up after the mention of “gerrymandering,” looked out into the studio and asked, “Am I right, Brian?” then broke into a grin.

She said it herself — she is a lawyer, after all!

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