SUPER BOWL REMATCH Eagles vs Chiefs LIVE SCORE: Jalen Hurts rushes for second touchdown of game as Philadelphia takes first lead of game

Jalen Hurts has rushed the ball in for his second score of the game and the Eagles have taken their first lead of the game.Earlier in the game, Patrick Mahomes threw touchdowns to Justin Watsonand Travis Kelce- the line of scrimmage and the Chiefs are hit with intentional grounding.

Mahomes will have to pull off something outstanding now as the Chiefs face a 4th and 24Travis Kelce drops a pivotal catch on 3rd and 2 but makes up for it on the next play as he helps the Chiefs pick up the first down.Mahomes connects with Kelce for 13 yards and another 15 yards is added onto the end of it as Fletcher Cox is flagged for roughing the passer.Cox came tumbling in after Mahomes completion and knocked him down to the ground.

The Chiefs continue to drive as they sit at their own 49-yard line.Follow along right here to see if Patrick Mahomes can pull off the comeback!The Chiefs defense gets the stop after a holding penalty from Jordan Mailata simply ruins the drive for the Eagles.It appears Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense will get the ball one last time with a chance to take the lead.

Can Mahomes magic strike under the bright lights? If so he will have a long way to go as Kansas City will begin the drive at their own 9-yard line.The Chiefs get hit with a false start penalty and faced a 3rd and 12.The momentum seemingly is shifting over to the Philadelphia Eagles after Jalen Hurts second touchdown of the game.Patrick Mahomes is tripped up and misses a throw to Jerrick Mckinnon as the Chiefs are forced to punt.

The Eagles get the ball with just under 6 minutes remaining as they will look to run out the clock and make sure Mahomes doesnt touch the ball again.The Eagles can not capitalize on the Travis Kelce fumble as the Chiefs defense remains to play outstanding.Hurts attempted to scramble for the first down but was tackled short of the first down.The Chiefs continue to convert on crucial third downs as Mahomes connects with Justin Watson for 17 yards and the Chiefs keep the chains moving.