“Taylor Swift affirmed her unwavering commitment, declaring that not even rain can deter her from attending the Kansas City game. Come rain or shine, she stands by her man with unwavering dedication.”

Wright tells PEOPLE that the Chiefs wear “Extreme Cold” gear manufactured by Reebok for the NFL 25 years ago (they don’t appear to be available for retail purchase). And since some players refuse to wear long-sleeve tops on the field — “They don’t feel like they can be athletic enough to play football,” Wright says — each team member gets a long- and short-sleeve version.

In addition to the thick tops, the players wear Extreme Cold bottoms — which Wright says the coaches wear, too. “Basic long underwear” is also worn on freezing-cold days.Partly inspired by Tom Brady, Wright tells PEOPLE they “also give out wetsuits” to the team. In fact, he says the retired NFL superstar is “where I got it from years ago!”

Taylor Swift declares, ‘I will attend the game, even if it’s raining. I will watch the match because I promise to stand by my ma