Taylor swift and Travis Kelce car accident has become a recent trending rumor about the Music ICON and KC Legend

While some users who weren’t as acquainted with the singer and her tour were confused, her fans clarified the confusion for them. Some even sarcastically wrote that it was ironic how the video claimed that Taylor Swift was dead but they just saw her performance in Nashville two days ago.

Some Swifties were so outraged about the rumor that they asked the person who created the video to be punished by law for making up the lie. Needless to say, the hoax did not sit right with netizens and they criticized the creator of the video.

Although the singer is alive and well, one of her fans did end up dying very recently. Swift’s fan, a 20-year-old name Jacob Lewis died in a hit-and-run car crash while driving back from Taylor Swift’s concert at Houston’s NRG Stadium on April 22.

According to Houston police, Lewis was with his sister when their car suddenly stopped working on the Southwest Freeway, early morning on Saturday. Jacob got out of his car so he could push it while his elder sister sat behind the wheel.