“Taylor Swift courageously faces subzero temperatures to show her support for the Chiefs in the playoff game against the Dolphins.”

Taylor Swift arrived in the Chiefs Kingdom as they prepared to face the Miami Dolphins in the wild-card round of the NFL playoffs.

The singer was wearing a white beanie and a Chiefs red-and-gold Nike jacket with a huge 87 on the front and sleeves. Beneath she was in sleek black, matching what her boyfriend Travis Kelce wore under his black-and-white checkered jacket when he arrived earlier at Arrowhead. You could see their breath in social media videos of them walking into the stadium because Kansas City on Saturday was experiencing bitter cold with a high of only 6 degrees.

The National Weather Service anticipated temperatures around kickoff would be -2 with the frigid weather dropping to -10 overnight.Swift has attended 10 games of the Chiefs’ season. Her last appearance was New Year’s Eve when she wore a white wool and black leather jacket similar to one her boyfriend Travis Kelce wears.

If Swift’s boyfriend’s team brought you to the popular American game, here are some football notes to know ahead of the 7:10 p.m. CST kickoff.

Both the Dolphins and the Chiefs have an 11-6 record going into Saturday’s game. USA TODAY sports writer Nate Davis ranked the 14 teams vying to win the Super Bowl.Davis put the Miami Dolphins at 14th: “Do you trust a South Florida team, one that dropped three of its final five regular-season contests, to knock off the reigning Super Bowl-ch