“Taylor Swift has two reasons for placing a bet on the KC vs. Bills game. First, she wants Buffalo to know there’s a difference between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Bills.”

Is Buffalo ready for Taylor Swift? And is the jet-setting pop star ready for a Rust Belt town at the eastern edge of America’s third-most polluted lake.These are the questions on the minds of Swifties and Bills Mafia members with the Kansas City Chiefs headed to western New York for Sunday’s Divisional Round playoff game.

Swift has become a staple at Chiefs games this season amid her ongoing romance with Kansas City star Travis Kelce. But with the reigning Super Bowl champions advancing to a crucial playoff game in the Buffalo suburb of Orchard Park, it’s anyone’s guess if she’ll be on hand to cheer on her boyfrien

The New York-based Swift hasn’t made a habit of announcing such plans publicly, so determining where she’ll be Sunday requires something akin to Kremlinology.Complicating her decision is the looming Asian leg of Swift’s international tour, beginning on February 7 in Tokyo.

Yes, that’s 17 days after Sunday’s game, but Swift previously skipped the Chiefs’ October 29 loss in Denver while preparing for the the Brazilian leg of her ‘Eras’ tour, which began two weeks later.

Her tour could also prevent her from attending the AFC Championship on January 28, should the Chiefs beat the Bills on Sunday