Taylor Swift not ‘fan-girling’ over Travis Kelce anymore: Expert

An expert claims that Taylor Swift’s fangirl era over beau Travis Kelce has now ended as she sticks to a “sophisticated” approach to cheer him on.The whirlwind romance, which took the music and the sports industry by storm, is now seeing an end of the honeymoon period, according to a body language expert named Judi James, who shared her observations with the Mirror.

As per her expertise, the 33-year-old singer has made a “seismic shift” in her style on Travis’ recent match against the Green Bay Packers.There is a clear shift of energy and WAG cos-play for Taylor in these two appearances at Kelce’s games. The early pose does of course show her fan-girling her new man as he won the game and then more in commiseration mode at his more recent losing game,” she added.

Judi claims that at earlier games Taylor was embracing WAG culture in an “immersive and utterly keen” way.

“This kind of behavior isn’t uncommon on the first few dates when the desire to please is industrial-strength and it’s easy to enjoy suppressing any more individual or even contrasting traits in a bid to mirror and copy to create the perfect relationship ‘fit’,” she continued.