Taylor swift officially respond to NFL Player Antonio Brown for Posting AI Photo of Himself Kissing her


Taylor swift manager  Robert Allen and Frank Bel and the head of swifties team has officially respond to NFL Player Antonio Brown after he shared an AI-generated photo on social media depicting himself kissing Taylor Swift on a football field.

In the fake photo, a man who seems to be Brown in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform stands in front of a woman who appears to be Swift wearing a light blue cheerleading-style outfit, with the two holding hands and kissing. Brown said in the caption, “what these Swifties talkin bout?”

Swifties team has warned  Antonio Brown to withdraw the picture from his X Twitter page and all social media platforms where it may have been posted. And officially write to Swifties team apologizing for this misdeed.

They gave him a period of 2 weeks to comply, unfailing to do so he will live to regret his earnest actions.

Swifties Fans are also very furious about the picture here is their reactions

They called out Brown for the problematic photo and warned him that Swift’s fans, known for their ability to come together to support the singer, would quickly respond to the post. One X (formerly Twitter) user responded to Brown, “Swifties don’t play. You still have time to delete this.”

“Good luck on the other side bro,” said another, as a third chimed in, “NOOOOOO YOURE COOKED.” A different reply simply read, “gross man.” Did y’all see that Post Antonio Brown a football player posted about him and Taylor swift? Disgusting and I hope tree Paine comes for him.

One fan noted, “Yeah bro, swifties are coming for you,” while another added, “The fact that you’re not scared of Swifties tells me you have no idea what they’re capable of. RIP Bro.”

Since posting the photo on March 8, Brown has not commented on the snap or subsequent backlash, continuing to post on social media about a variety of topics.