The Chiefs’ quarterback and his wife brittany have celebrated numerous Christmases together, having been a couple since their teenage years. Mahomes fondly reminisced about the details of their first holiday season as a couple.

The Chiefs signal-caller and his future bride have spent several Christmases together because they’ve been together since they were teenagers. Mahomes previously recalled what their first holiday as a couple was like.

“Man, that was back in high school… I had to go to her family’s and she came to mine,” he remembered. “I think at that point we’d been dating for a couple of months so just normal kids showing up at the family dinner type stuff being nervous and everything.”

The quarterback added that it was like the movie Four Christmases as he and Matthews “had to go to each one of our family members’ Christmas parties and spent the whole day going from house to house trying to make sure that we saw everybody.During his weekly radio spot with The Drive on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City, Mahomes spoke about how he shops for Christmas presents since it would be next to impossible for him to go to his local mall and grab gifts without being recognized by fans.

Mahomes revealed that instead of physically going to a store he does a lot of shopping online but doesn’t have the gifts sent to his house.“A bunch on Amazon and I get it sent to the [Chiefs] facility,” he said before joking, “Don’t tell BrittanMahomes added that he always has to be careful when getting something for Matthews because “she sees everything so I have to kind of be real sneaky with it so I can try to surprise her every once in a while.”