The Legend Kevin Bacon Has Recently  Expressed his Feelings  To Perform With Taylor Swift

Kevin Bacon has recently expressed his desire to perform with Taylor Swift on latest episode of SiriusXM’s Pop Culture Spotlight With Jessica Shaw.Kevin, who is currently busy promoting his new podcast Six Degrees With Kevin Bacon, opened up about his wishlist of people to perform with and Taylor is at the top in that list.

while discussing about his bucket list, Kevin said, “To me, a bucket list is a list of things you can actually see yourself doing one day. This is the NFW list.”When asked by the host to disclose who’s on top of his list, Kevin responded, “Taylor [Swift]. That’s obviously the right answer.”Kevin shared that he hasn’t attended an Eras tour show unlike other celebs, but he is thinking to do so in the future,

“I’ve never seen her. No, I haven’t seen her. I really need to,” stated the actor.Gushing over Taylor, Kevin mentioned, “I really do admire her though. I think she’s a great songwriter.”“I think that what she’s done with just her messaging and the messages she gives to young women, it’s just, it’s awesome,” he remarked.

Kevin added that Taylor can stop by his podcast and in the end, he requested the songstress, adding,“Hey, if you are listening, come on,” quipped the actor


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