The Legend Paige Spiranac Shares Her Bold Picks For The 2023 NFL Season

Besides golf, Spiranac also enjoys football and like every other fan has some inkling on which teams will be grabbing the wins this season. And though the golf diva is a big-time Steelers fan, sadly this time they didn’t find a place in her bold picks for this season.In her latest Twitter video, Paige makes some big predictions for all teams. She says, “It’s football season, and here are some of my NFL predictions. Starting with division winners for the

AFC and the East, I am going with the Jets. I think they’re going to live up to the hype.” The New York Jets is Aaron Rodgers‘ new team
For the north, she picked Bengals; for the south Jagwires and for the West she chose Chiefs. For the NFC division winners, she chose Eagles for the East, Lions for the North, Panthers for the South, and finally 49ers for the West. For the Superbowl, she said

everyone is going for the same old picks. “How are you guys liking, a jet49ers Superbowl? Not too bad.
As Spiranac gave fans enough content to ponder over, they filled her comment section with names for the team they are supporting this year.

Though most fans supported Spiranac’s picks and hoped for those same teams to win, some fans had different opinions and expressed them in the comments. Let’s check out some of the interesting comments under the post.While this fan stood by all of her picks for each team and called them excellent choices
This fan agreed with the golf beauty by choosing the 49ers as their pick for this season.


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