The Lover girl Taylor Could Never Give Travis Peace – And She Shouldn’t Have To

Swift doesn’t see marriage as the peak achievement of her life — she’s more interested in world domination by way of chart-topping, record-breaking success. What feels right about her relationship with Kelce is the sense that he’s along for the crazy ride and everything it entails. Basically,

he’s not afraid of the spotlight because he’s already used to it as a top NFL player. Does he feel like “End Game” material? That question matters less to me than the one Swift posed on folklore track “Peace”: “Would it be enough, if I could never give you peace?” In this new relationship, it finally feels like the love she gives will be. —M.G.

I think the Swifties like Travis Kelce because he’s such a significant departure from all her previous partners, who were mainly other artists and actors. Even if Kelce and Swift are really both just famous people whose careers have been made performing and playing for fans, I think him being an athlete instead of another musician contributes to this perception of the relationship being more genuine (and less toxic), since this is someone outside of the artist world Swift is in. Plus, he’s very conventionally attractive and carries a non-problematic, funny, golden retriever-like aura that makes him very likable. —E.M.

you know that scene in every teen rom-com where the cheerleader falls in love with the jock and her glasses slip, and she’s suddenly, obviously beautiful and always has been, and that kind of catches his eye, and then she falls for the guy even harder because she finds out he’s not just a palooka and has actually maybe read Pride and Prejudice (or at least Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which is still something) and everybody’s happy because they’re both sweeties who found love despite coming from seemingly opposing worlds? You know that song about the girl wanting the guy, but she seemingly doesn’t feel like she’s his type since he’s supposed to go for the girls in the short skirts when she wears T-shirts &c.? That’s Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, except with what seems like a happy ending so far. They’re America’s homecoming king and queen, and that’s why everybody’s happy for them. Long may they last (at least until prom). —K.G.

My armchair psychoanalysis? ? Their synergistic relationship is bringing regular couples closer together. Suddenly, one partner deep into Swiftie lore and another with an NFL RedZone subscription are mutually invested in a celebrity romance that seems to be propelling both to the top of their respective games. Even better, it’s not just the cliché of a football star dating the hot cheerleader. True,

Travis has crushed it on the field when he has Taylor rooting for him in the box suite, but we’ve also seen how he shows up for her and heard him marvel at her talents as a performer. Having that kind of unconditional support modeled by all-American icons on a national stage gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling that (ideally) filters into our own domestic lives and habits. If you can make someone as happy as these two apparently make each other, it would be an accomplishment on par with selling out a stadium tour or winning the Super Bowl. —M.K.